We all follow someone...

As much as we like to think of ourselves as free standing inviduals, the truth is we all look to people to guide us through life, whether it be parents, friends or celebrities. Jesus calls all people to choose to follow him with the promise that a life based on his teaching and lived with him will survive the storms when they come.

At the centre of our growth with Jesus is the Holy Spirit, we can do nothing with him. Our responsibility is to intentionally plan ways to be rightly positioned to be growing by the Spirit. Our job is to sow to the Spirit. Three ways to do this is to be intentional about teaching, community and practices.

Teaching - This includes sermons, bible reading, books, etc. See the sermon section of the website for series you might be interested in, attending church each Sunday is a great way to keep this as a regular part of your week.

Community - We can't follow Jesus alone, we need community to both encourage and be encouraged. Sunday church is great but smaller groups are important. To grow together we encourage you to join a home group or form a huddle. More info below.

Practices - We can't just learn and be together but we need to actually practice following Jesus through engaging with spiritual disciplines. Each term we will focus on a different practice and share some resources to help, consider following along the calendar as we practice following Jesus together.

Growing as a devoted follower of Jesus sermon
Form a Huddle

A huddle is a group of 3-4 people of the same gender who meet and encourage each other as they seek to follow Jesus. Huddles could follow the calendar of practices, engaging with some of the resources available, or choose to read through a book of the bible or simply meet and pray for each other reguarly.

Think outside the box:

- If meeting in person is too hard, try a video or phone conference call during a lunch break at work

- Create a message group and send verses and prayer needs throughout the week

- Meet before work for breakfast instead of at night, or meet while the kids are at youth group or brigades.

Contact one of the pastors if you'd like help forming a huddle
Join a Home Group

A great way to grow as a follower of Jesus is to be in a home group. Various groups meet regularly to engage with scripture and prayer and to support each other. Feel free to contact a leader directly if you'd like more info about their group or to join.

Home Groups

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Jennie Toonen
  • Monday 9am weekly @ Murrumba Downs (Women’s bible study) – 0421 112 242
Screen%20shot%202021 02 05%20at%203.34.21%20pm
Bill Dawe
  • Monday 7:30pm weekly @ Rothwell/Dbay/Dakabin – 0419 778 086
Screen%20shot%202020 10 28%20at%203.17.20%20pm
John Flood
  • 1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month (Feb to Nov) 2.00pm @ Narangba (study/lunch) – 0423 275 513
Screen%20shot%202021 02 05%20at%203.34.21%20pm
Neil O'Hare
  • 7:30pm weekly @ Strathpine – 0478 220 123
Screen%20shot%202021 02 09%20at%2011.30.14%20am
Josh Killey & Casey Hudgson
  • Wednesday 7:00pm @ Murrumba Downs (Young Adults) – 0466 579 016 or 0410 705 325
Screen%20shot%202020 10 28%20at%2011.03.15%20am
Shane Toonen
  • New Group: Wednesday evenings weekly @ Murrumba Downs (Men’s Group) - 0416045327
Screen%20shot%202021 02 05%20at%203.34.21%20pm
Jenny Laack
  • Thursday 2pm fortnightly @ Kallangur (Women’s Bible study) – 0439 645 548
Screen%20shot%202020 10 28%20at%203.17.37%20pm
Gordon Rackley
  • Friday 7:00pm fortnightly @ Petrie – 0413 083 466
Screen%20shot%202020 10 28%20at%203.18.00%20pm
John Packer
  • Petrie (Couples/Empty Nesters) - 0418 199 928
Screen%20shot%202021 02 09%20at%2011.29.32%20am
Janelle and Greg Thomas
  • Every 3rd Wednesday 7pm @ Narangba (Bible study for all ages)