God’s Adventurers

What is God’s Adventurers?

God’s Adventurers is a group of people from the church family who go out and share a meal together. Anyone is welcome, though many of the people who come are retirees, as we meet on a Thursday and most other people are at work!

What do you do?

A program is prepared at the beginning of the year, and we meet together at the designated place to share a meal and have fellowship together.

When do you meet?

God’s Adventurers meet on the second Thursday of each month, from February to November.

Why should you come?

We find God’s Adventurers is a great way for people to get to know each other, as there is not a lot of time at church to have in-depth conversations. It is also a good non-threatening environment to invite non-Christian friends. We would love you to come so we can get to know you better and be able to share in your life whether it be the highs or lows.

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